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Why are there 2 apps?

Displayer is the lightweight app to install on the screen that plays the content. Displayer Admin is the administration app that you used to manage all players, playlists and assets.

Which versions of Android are supported?

Displayer runs on Android 5.0 and higher. Access to the Google Play Store is required.

Does Displayer work on Android TV?


Is Displayer available on an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.


Is Displayer available on the web.


What happens when a player loses its network connection while it is showing a playlist?

The player will continue to play all locally cached content.

What is new in the recent releases?

See this list of recent changes.

Does Displayer work on a Chromebook?

Yes. Both Displayer and Displayer Admin work on any Chromebook that supports Android apps. To find out whether your Chromebook supports Android apps, check this list.

In which languages is Displayer available

The Displayer app is available in English (en) and Dutch (nl). The Displayer Admin app is only available in English (en).

Does Displayer support different time formats.

Yes. You can select the time format in the style definition (12-hour or 24-hour).

Does Displayer support different units.

Yes. You can select the units in the style definition (metric or imperial).

What is a style?

A style groups a number of properties. It is applied on all assets of a playlist.

Does the website asset support Javascript?

Yes. Note that Javascript can have a considerable performance impact. Try to limit the use of Javascript in websites used in website assets.

When will Displayer reach 1.0?

When it is ready.